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Love Rara Ltd Terms and Conditions

1. We advise no more than 20 children for most of our packages.  Most of our entertainment is based on imaginative and creativity play therefore larger groups are harder to entertain and the performer will not be able to give you a high quality experience. 

We do understand that a few people might turn up that you weren’t expecting. So we will not charge any more money if you have up to 25 children. Once you have 25 or more children you will require another entertainer at your party. Your entertainer will struggle to keep control of the party, will struggle to be heard, they may strain their voice and you won’t have the high standards that we normally produce. Often parents ask about siblings, if they are participating in the party in any way they will be counted in our numbers as they will be using stock, prizes and sweets. 

If you do not notify us that you have over 25 children when asked, and the entertainer finds there are more then 25 children on the day of the party, then you will be charged a £30 fee that must be paid to Love Rara Ltd within 7 days of your event taking place. 


2. The younger the age, the fewer the guests. If your child is turning 1, 2 or 3, a party exceeding 20 guests has the potential to get out of control. Younger children need more attention so limit your guest list if the party-goers are younger.


3. Space, Space, SPACE! We cannot stress enough how much space we need. Our parties are full of singing, dancing, games, activities and more. If we are coming to your house please push back those couches and take the coffee tables in the other room. Our princesses wear large dresses that can span a large space so please make sure you have enough room in your house to host the characters and style of party you have chosen. A crowded party is never fun (or safe!) 


4.  Quite often, we have another party to get to and we need to make sure we make a swift exit once we have finished your time slot. Our characters will not leave early, but they cannot stay for extra time as they will be late to their next event. Please take this into account at the end of your party. One on one photographs should be taken in party time we advise parents to collect a little earlier if they want those magical photos themselves on their own cameras and phones. 


5. Front row parking. We appreciate it when we are given a front row spot to your house/venue. We have a car full of fun that we need to carry in for the party, and this can be difficult when there are long distances to carry heavy equipment in large dresses and restrictive costumes in all types of weather. Remember...the party doesn't begin until all the fun is in!


6. Once in a while, in all of the excitement, we will need a parental figure to step in and help with a child. If you see that one of the guests is interfering with a game or preventing the party from running smoothly, we ask that the hostess or any other adult figure take care of the matter. Please note that this does include the pulling on costumes, capes and hair of our actors and children doing this repeatedly may be asked to sit out until they are ready to join in with the rest of the party. 


7. Make sure your house/hall temperature is lower than usual. When you factor in the guests that will be coming to the party, the bystanders and all of us, your house or hall is bound to get several degrees warmer than usual. And although the people watching the party may not notice the ever-increasing temperature in the room, the princesses in large dresses and wigs do notice. They have water with them, but especially on the warm days the heat can be dangerous to both the children and performers. So please make sure your house or venue is nice and cool. 


8. We ask that there are no balloons or toys on the floor please, as these are a tripping hazard for our characters who may not have visibility in masks or are wearing large dresses. 


9. Household pets are not allowed near the character costumes under any circumstances and any damage incurred to costumes by guests or pets will be charged to you. 


10. Absolutely no smoking while the characters are present at your party. Doing so would result in an immediate end to the party with no refund. You will be charged a dry cleaning fee for all the costumes present and a restyling and washing fee for all wigs present. 


11. Often while we are entertaining a group of children, the adults are having a party of their own and we are forced to talk - sometimes almost yell - over the crowd. We have microphones, but battling bouncy castles, children, crying babies, adults chatting, music and general noise can become nearly impossible when parents don't work with us to help. We love an audience, so if you plan on having the adults watching, please remind them to keep chatter to a minimum. Thank you!


If you follow these simple steps, your party is sure to be a great success and if you have any questions about our terms and conditions please get in touch with us. 



Please note it is not the intention of “Love Rara Limited” to violate any copyright laws. Our character friends are not name brand copyrighted characters. Our characters are generic with inspiration gathered from many telling of the most popular storybook characters.  We can only accept bookings from individuals who are aware that we do not represent any licensed character. Any resemblance to internationally known copyrighted characters is incidental. If you are requiring a licensed, copyrighted character for your event you should contact the company / copyright holders. 


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